Ashton Winery first in Robertson Wine Valley to offer Wine on Tap


Wine on tap is a relatively new offering in South Africa, but has quickly risen in popularity with bars and high end restaurants in the  USA, UK and Italy.

Ashton Winery has recently launched their Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot 2018 as an ‘on tap’ product and hope to take South Africa by storm with this new trendy way to serve wine.

Helen Mason, the Marketing Manager, has discovered on a recent trip to New York, that most bars and restaurants were offering wine by the glass from a tap for $15.00 per glass. “Imagine being able to buy award winning wine at R8.00 per glass, with the promise that it is the same quality as the product in our bottles” is the question she asks to all local establishments doing a wine per glass range.

The benefits for restaurants or pubs are endless; the prominent being that you are purchasing the same quality wine that you would from a bottle for quarter of the price. Secondly with the petainer system you ensure that staff serves wines at optimal temperature with minimal risk of fault at half the time. All of this whilst saving the planet as you do not have bottles, labels, corks, foils and screw tops being thrown out as waste.

Realising that this is a new means of serving wine within the local market, the hope is that there be no misperception in the quality of the wine but seen as a more efficient and profitable way of serving wines per glass.

For more information on their wines on tap, you can contact Michelle Brown, their Regional Sales Representative at or 023 615 1135


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