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Genevieve MCC is inspired by the creator’s passion for good quality Méthode Cap Classique.  Founder, Melissa Genevieve Nelsen, pursued her passion into the winemaking industry to develop the beautiful Blanc de Blanc MCC we know today.

Melissa’s mother always encouraged her to be uncompromising and expansive in her vision.  Initially Melissa had her sights set on taking to the skies, but was unsure how to pursue this dream. Following an inspiring chat with her mother she decided to become a pilot. These days, whilst not averse to flying, Melissa prefers to keep her feet firmly on the ground (favouring the countryside!) Melissa tells us: It was from this encouragement to think big that Genevieve was created. If I live to enjoy it, why not make it?

The search for the perfect terroir and quality grapes led Melissa to Bot River and there she discovered a beautiful pocket of Chardonnay, located in the Van der Stel Pass. Determined from the outset to make a sparkling wine of unsurpassed quality, and to continue to do so each year, Melissa’s original vision soon became a well-received reality.

The first vintage was only 5500 bottles of Genevieve MCC,  produced in 2008 and released in December 2009.  In 2009 another 5000 bottles were enthusiastically received by the local wine industry.   In 2012 the Genevieve MCC 2010 was released. With 10 000 bottles produced and extensive time on the lees, Genevieve MCC ensures elegant characteristics and style as well as increased availability.

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