Môreson is a little slice of magic. A tranquil paradise located at the end of the aptly named Happy Valley Road. The Môreson environment is the perfect retreat from the hectic pace of modern day life.

The atmosphere and setting will transport you back to a time when your life was less cluttered. You will find that shortly after arriving you are standing a little taller, walking a little slower and smiling a lot more.

Whether it´s a glass of our award-winning wine or a meal at Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant ... you´ll be able to taste our passion, see our magic and feel our love.

Fact: we are a family that is crazy about wine. We are more than passionate about our craft we are obsessive. It's what gets us out of bed every day and it's what keeps us awake into the wee hours of the morning.

Fact: our family farm doesn't keep normal office hours. Anyone involved in a family business will be able to tell you there is no off button.

Fact: Môreson is a passionate bundle of love, inspiration, delight and hard work. The fruits of our labour are our wines and the experience we have lovingly crafted for those of you that choose to visit our little slice of magic.

Fact: we don't create anything we don't drink (in copious quantities) ourselves. We would never try sell anything we, as a family, didn't believe in. If you buy and enjoy one of our wines you can be sure that we have personally OK'd that wine for market.

Happy Valley Road

-33.886573, 19.058532


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Brian Meintjes
17 Sep 2017, 13:51:14
4 - Good