Andy Mitchell Wines

Andy Mitchell

We have a family run Garagiste wine cellar.  It is literallya single car garage!  We grow grapes in Greyton, we've had a farm for four years, as well as buying in the best grapes from a variety of terroirs.  Our first wine (Shiraz) was made by my late Father, Andy Mitchell, in 2003, along with help from my Mother, Vikki Mitchell. 

We make a variety of wines each year.  These include a very special MCC, 1000 bottle made at a time; barrel fermented Chenin Blanc; Shiraz Rose from home grown grapes; two Pinot Noirs; Southern Rhone blend and Bordeaux style blend too!  We don't have space to make everything each year, so we alternate varietals each vintage. 

We do tastings by appointment in our tiny cellar in our home.  We divulge our address appon confirmation of booking.


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