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TANAGRA is an idyllic wine farm close to McGregor and part of the Robertson Wine Route and Route 62. We offer comfortable accommodation in well appointed guest cottages, and produce handcrafted wines in a boutique wine cellar and stylish Grappa and Eau de Vie in our boutique distillery. An old wild fig tree gave the farm its name, 'Tanagra' - it echoes the Khoisan expression for a well-shaded place. This giant tree canopies the historic homestead and winery, providing welcoming shade during the hot days of summer.

Come and stay with us in one of our private cottages, explore the farm and taste our farm products right where they are produced - agritourism at its best. 

Tanagra is in the McGregor/Robertson valley at the border of the Klein Karoo (Western Cape, South Africa), surrounded by vineyards, indigenous wild fynbos and mountains. Most of the 78ha farm is accessible by various walking/hiking trails (also great for mountain biking) with access into the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve with longer bird-walks and mountain trails. The area offers a variety of activities and seasonal festivals for you to enjoy.

Tanagra is the ideal place for the wine and nature lover seeking an authentic and peaceful countryside experience in a naturally elegant and laid-back farm ambiance - home from home on a working farm in McGregor.

Wine & Grappa Tasting at Tanagra

Come and visit us for a unique and personal wine tasting or grappa tasting experience at Tanagra. Our philosophy is to personally introduce visitors to the farm, the winery and the Tanagra wines (and Grappas, for those interested) and we regard tastings as encounters rather than standardized procedures. The distillery is always an interesting visit. We look forward to welcoming you to Tanagra and to introducing you to the wines & spirits we produce at Tanagra.

We are open Monday to Saturday by appointment, though feel welcome to pop in without prior arrangement/notice when you are at our gate. If somebody is around, we will assist you with pleasure !

Tanagra Winery

We produce an exclusive range of handcrafted and environmentally friendly wines, typical for the fynbos-scented terroir here at the border of the Klein Karoo. Our vineyards are small blocks with a very low yield and more than 20 years old, all certified as 'Single Vineyards'. They sit right next to Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve, surrounded by wild fynbos and succulent Karoo, and create highly aromatic wines.

We use traditional methods like natural yeasts (no enzymes added) and whole berry fermentation and mature our wines in neutral vessels. All this helps to retain the natural & distinct character of our single vineyard wines. Likewise, our vineyard mangagement is minimally invasive – we use as much as possible organic components like mulching, compost, organic fertilizer and cover crop and don't use herbicides, helping to retain and nurture our old vineyards and the biodiversity of our farm. Tanagra is a proud Conservation Champion of the World Wild Life Fund (WWF).

Tanagra Distillery

 It was Robert’s pioneering idea to bring a 200 litre still when moving from Germany to Tanagra – a copper pot still combined with a shiny stainless steel column. This combination allows to distill a purer yield in a single process, resulting in very refined spirits.

The idea was to introduce spirits that have been part of Robert & Anette’s culture back in Germany to their new home in South Africa. The combination of German technology & know-how and South African base products produces stylish Marc (what the Italians call Grappa and the Germans Trester), Eau de Vie (Fruit Spirit & Hefebrand (wine lees spirit)) and Fruit Liqueur.

Our motto is ‘klein aber fein’ (which can be freely translated into ‘small but exquisite’). Not an industrially made mass product but handcrafted spirits made with care and only from the best and freshest local products.



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Megan Campbell

Megan Campbell


Quality wine ! Personal wine and grappa tasting, great hosts - Anette and Robert! Thank you x

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Lita Hartman


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