Botha Kelder Winery

Botha Kelder

Botha Kelder registered as a co-operation in 1948.

One year later, they enjoyed their first harvest despite the cellar not being completed yet. This made for a difficult harvest but Botha Kelder produced a harvest of 3 386 tons that year.

The same determination, passion and sense of momentum that characterised its early years has fuelled Botha Kelder’s growth over the years, creating one of South Africa’s leading cellars today.

Today, Botha Kelder has a capacity of 38 000 tons and produces 30 million litres of wine, a large portion of which is sold to Europe, the UK and other parts of the world under private labels.

Please note that bookings are essential for the Cellar Tours and Food & Wine Pairings.

R43, Scenic Cape Route 62

-33.5668884, 19.2553734


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