Stellenbosch Vineyards


Treat yourself to one of our wine tasting options, with our
warm hospitality and relaxing atmosphere, you are sure to have an experience
to remember. With our selection of wines, ranging from lifestyle to
multi-award winning, you are guaranteed to find a wine that suites your

Tasting options are priced from R30 to R60 per person, and also keep an eye
out for our seasonal pairing, which adds a little fun to the tasting.
For groups of eight or more, please contact our tasting room to book your
reservation.Please ensure that bookings are made and confirmed at least 48
hours in advance.

A sensory adventure awaits you at Swirl, as we share our story of courage,
sophistication and passion through our wine and food experiences. Start your
journey by selecting your preferred Swirl experience - a pairing menu
specifically designed by our chef and winemakers to showcase the marriage of
our wine with food, or create your own experience with our vast selection of
“To Share” dishes, each with its own wine recommendation, and for those
that prefer to relax on the wooden deck with light snacks and a bottle of
wine, we have the platter selection to choose from.

Swirl was created as a wine and food pairing venue to accompany our tasting
room, showcasing our wines with an array of food styles and flavours. Our
wine portfolio, ranging from lifestyle to multi-award winning, ensured that
we had a good foundation to work with.

Our menus are designed to give you a choice of flavour profiles and textures
to accompany your wine preference, and with our food philosophy being “To
Share”, we encourage our guests to combine and share their wine and food
with each other.

Welmoed Winery, R310 Baden Powel Drive

-33.9905019, 18.7652707