Tulbagh Winery

Founded in 1906, in the fertile valley known as Het Land van Waveren, Tulbagh Winery has been producing quality wines ever since. Producing some of the country’s best, Tulbagh wines cover the full spectrum of South Africa’s best cultivars.



Blue Crane Vineyards

Owned by the Crabbia Family, Fred and Manuela Crabbia bought Blue Crane Vineyards in November 2008.

Situated in Tulbagh, the farm’s natural beauty and biodiversity is evident. It is a magnificent location with stunning views of the Witzenberg, Winterhoek and Saronsberg mountains. Soil testing revealed sought after Glen Rosa soils on south facing slopes, ideal for excellent wines.

blue crane

Kloofzicht Estate

Kloofzicht Estate is a relaxed base from which to explore historical Tulbagh. Situated as it is in the bowl of so many mountains, Tulbagh is an ideal outdoorsy retreat, offering horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, bass and carp fishing, birding and 4×4 routes, besides wine, that is.

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Twee Jonge / Krone Wine

The historic Twee Jonge Gezellen farm in Tulbagh is the home of Krone, a collection of notable, vintage-only South African Méthode Cap Classiques made from grapes grown and night-harvested in this distinctive terroir. Open to the public for tastings and tours, our farm is currently being restored to reflect its impressive heritage and contemporary renaissance.


Schalkenbosch Wine Estate

Schalkenbosch vineyards are situated high up on the slopes of the Witzenberg mountain range overlooking the picturesque Tulbagh valley. The soils are similar to those found in the Rhone Valley in France and enjoy a unique micro-climate. A late sunrise is due to the shadow of the mountain. Cool mists occur most nights, which when coupled with warm day time temperatures, create ideal conditions for the production of premium quality wines.


Rijk's Wine Cellar

Older vintage fine dining wine to satisfy the sophisticated palate of wine enthusiasts from around the world. Elegance, finesse, complexity and concentration of fruit are the hallmarks of Rijk's wines.


Fable Mountain Vineyards

Our renovated gravity fed cellar combines the best of the old and new world: the latest equipment and knowledge with traditional techniques.

Central to the winery design is the ability to process many small parcels of fruit. We selectively harvest only small sections of the vineyard . They are all handled separately and differently from fermentation to barrel. This ensures a full array of components and options come blending.


Drostdy-Hof Wine

Drostdy Hof was launched in South Africa in 1973 and has extended its reach into African and key international markets.

Our team of skilled winemakers use a long-established and proven age-old process of controlling water to extract the maximum flavour from each grape to create our range of well-balanced, bright and smooth textured wines that are full of life and full of flavour.


Saronsberg Wine Estate

In the design of Saronberg’s Cellar we considered a variety of production facilities and available techniques, looking to utilize existing technology in an innovative way. Hence we incorporated the force-cooling of grapes, intensive hand-sorting and the use of gravity during the fermentation process.

We essentially wanted a hands-on cellar that would provide the winemaker with many options, allowing him to focus on detail while adhering to our winemaking philosophy.


Lemberg Wine Estate

Lemberg Wine Estate is located in the heart of scenic Tulbagh Valley, surrounded by the views of the majestic Witzenberg and Winterhoek mountains. It lies 120 km northeast of Cape Town, and 5 km south of historic Tulbagh.

Winemaker, Janey Muller, established Lemberg in 1978. It became known for its Sauvignon Blanc, its Harslevelu and for being the smallest wine estate in the Western Cape. Janey Muller reportedly named the estate after her husband’s place of birth, Lemberg, historically part of the Austrian empire, Poland (Lwow), the Soviet Union, and now Ukraine (Lviv).