Robertson - Wine Valley Safari


Choose from self-guided hop-on hop-off routes to pre-packaged wine tasting tours. Let us be your personal chauffeur, while you relax and enjoy a memorable excursion in a socially-buzzed atmosphere in an open-air safari vehicle .

The Safari vehicle follows a different route each day. Every route has a unique adventure to explore. You will be spoiled for choice from wine-, mcc-, craft beer, whiskey, gin, grapa- and olive tastings to food and wine pairings, a lavender farming tour, a river cruise, cellar tours, a cultural McGregor Village tour and amazing lunch spots.  

1. Freestyle Wine Safari tour (Max 44 bookings per day)

Every Friday and Saturday, you can take a self-guided Hop-On Hop-Off tour which will give you plenty of opportunity to experience as much of the Robertson Wine Valley as possible. From popular locations to hidden gems, take your pick and create your own adventure. Hop-off at your preferred destinations. When you are ready to move on to the next location hop-on! The open-air safari vehicle will circle the route, in one direction, every hour until its final pick-up round, before the estates close. It’s fully up to you how you would like to spend your time and money at each destination. 

Choose your route: 


5 Wine Estates ; 3 Olive Farms ; 1 Lavender Farm

Every Saturday: GOLDEN MILE

6 Wine Estates ; 1 Breede River Cruise

2. WINE APPRECIATION FULL DAY TOUR - Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Min 8 - Max 15 bookings per day)

An entertaining and educational day tour that will enrich your understanding and appreciation for the unique art of wine making, to discover the story inside the bottle. This tour showcase some of the most unique and must-do activities at 5 wine estates in the Robertson Wine Valley. 

You are in for a treat - Start the day with an exclusive terroir and cellar tour by an exceptionally passionate winemaker that will give you a good understanding of the wine-making process. We move on to a boutique wine estate where you will experience an interactive tasting in a unique underground candlelit ‘kuip’ that include; a vertical wine tasting of single vineyard limited release wines, comparing normal wine glasses to grape specific crystal glasses (RIEDEL), pairing wine with fruit preserves, chocolate, music and art.

Followed by a picnic-style lunch on a relaxing boat cruise down the Breede River. 

Discover the inner-winemaker in you, by blending, bottling and labeling your very own wine creation to take home, as memorabilia of the wonderful day you have had.

We end the day at South Africa's biggest family owned winery, for a great variety of wine and food pairings platters to select from.

3. McGREGOR VILLAGE FULL DAY TOUR - Every Thursday  (Min 8 - Max 15 bookings per day)

McGregor is a unique, eccentric and therapeutic village away from the crowds where you can truly unwind, step back in time and just relax. 

Start the day with an MCC tasting at Paul René, enjoy lunch in the Village and take a stroll through McGregor's local craft shops and galleries. We continue with a drive up to the mountain to enjoy a wine tasting at Lord’s Winery, followed with a tasting at McGregor Wines. If time allows, we end the day with a Grappa tasting at the Tanagra Private Cellar. 

We look forward to welcoming you on-board!


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